Weddings & Events in Punta Mita

We have over 11 years of experience organizing dream vacations, successful business gatherings, and unforgettable events.
From travel logistics to activity bookings, dinner arrangements or sunset cocktails we have successfully worked with hundreds of guests. Where you come from does not matter as long as you are looking for the experience and capacity to make dreams come true in Punta Mita Paradise.


Punta Mita has become one of the hottest weddings destinations in the world. With a range of options to suit any taste and dream. Contact us to discuss your special day with us, and make it come true.

Private Events

Strategic advantages make Punta Mita a jewel for private meetings, family gatherings, birthdates, an anniversary you name it, if you are looking for relaxation and pure love in paradise, Punta Mita is the place.

Corporate Retreats

Our villas are perfect for business retreats, to come up with the next one billion idea, or to celebrate the success of the last one. With lavish vegetation, myriad of activities and some of the most generous climates on the world, Punta Mita has it all.